The brain drain is statewide

In my recent article in  The Reporter-Times, I spoke with administrators and UIndy student Jourdan Smoot about the lack of opportunities to put college degrees to work in Morgan County. There is a lack of opportunities not just in Morgan County but throughout the state, according Eric Bowlen, principal of Ronald K. Bell-East Middle School and Martinsville Common Council Member.

Jourdan Smoot, a Martinsville High School graduate, is attending the University of Indianapolis and trying to make the degree she earns pay off.

“Indiana has a brain drain outside our state to other states,” Bowlen said . “…We have really good, sharp kids. There’s just nothing for them to come back to.”

Read the article here.

The article is coupled with a sidebar that shows the student’s dilemma—how to afford getting a degree and how to afford not getting one. You can read that article here.


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