Essential Tremor Awareness Month

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard showed up to say a few words before the first ever Essential Tremor awareness walk started on March 22 at Victory Field in Indianapolis.

“I appreciate the fact that you are coming out here, raising awareness about this, raising money,” Ballard told the group of about 40 people before the walk. “… It’s diagnosed so often that we have to get the word out in some form.”

However, this wasn’t the only walk. The International Essential Tremor Foundation held walks all across the United States on the same day to raise awareness about the neurological condition, which is often confused with Parkinson’s Disease.

“We want people to know … this is a real condition and there’s a lot of people out there who probably haven’t been diagnosed yet,” said Jacqueline Hudson, the Indiana ET support group leader.

You can read my full article here.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard shares a laugh with Jacqueline Hudson, the Indiana support group leader, before the first ever Essential Tremor Awareness Month walk. (James Figy/The Reporter-Times)



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