Tied for third

Aside from work and home, what is the third place I’ve been to this year? I think I have a tie for third:

  1. If you asked me at the beginning of this year, I would say school. I spent hours and hours at UIndy, even though I lived off campus. The student newspaper, The Reflector, has its own newsroom, so I would study and waste time there even when I wasn’t working. It is in desperate need of a skylight or some view of the outside world, a non-fluorescent light source. There are two windows, and they look out on similarly bleak hallways.
  2. High school sporting events. This is a weird one for me, since I was never into sports (being homeschooled and all) when I was in high school. But I’ve been covering Morgan County teams for The Reporter-Times/Mooresville-Decatur Times, and it’s been really interesting. They leave snacks in the press box at football games, but you have to show up early enough to get a seat. On a snowy night in Bloomington, as Martinsville football battled in Sectionals, I sat on a countertop, walled in by pizza boxes, as two radio stations and local TV had already claimed the good seats by the time I arrived… nearly an hour before game time.

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