Loose ends in Indy


I’ve started listing things—restaurants, breweries, events. They’re places I’ve been itching to try for some time. They’re places I’ve been to countless times. With the impending Minnesota move fast approaching, I want to drink it all in, savor Indianapolis.

Here is a list, in no conscious order, of places I want to try:

  • St. Joseph Brewery (& restaurant)
  • Cropichon et Bidibule
  • Chilly Water Brewing
  • Mimi Blue Meatballs (they have a veg. sandwich, so chill)
  • Tow Yard Brewing
  • Mashcraft Brewing

And more exist, I imagine. I haven’t set foot in any of those establishments, but I’ve wanted to since I heard of them. Before the wedding, we stopped eating out… for the most part. It was an easy way to cut expenses to save up.

On top of the new places, we didn’t visit any of our regular spots for a while. There’s Broad Ripple Brewpub and Lindo Mexico and Thai Spice and La Margarita and Pure and Jockamo and Vito Provolone and Sun King and Yats. Then there’s a lower tier—places I like but can’t beat my favorites. This includes Monon Food Co., Scotty’s Brewhouse, and Bluebeard (which beats most places in everything but price). But let’s face it: I ain’t rich.

I can’t, however, separate the places from people. Friends who have eaten there, people who introduced me or who celebrated birthdays there. There are people I’ve tried to get together with, saying we’ll get a bite or a beer at such and such place, then never following through.

I guess what I mean to say is, though I’m excited about the next adventure, I’ll miss people and this place. So if I’m hounding you to grab dinner, drink a beer, walk around Monument Circle, or visit First Friday in the weeks before our August 15 move, please understand I’m not trying to be annoying. It’s about more than food.


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