Who am I

Greetings! This blog isn’t about any one thing. If you’re wondering what you might find, check out this Spark Notes version of my life right now.

Things I am:James Figy

  • Writer, morning, day, and night
  • Married to my best friend
  • Subservient to cats and rabbits
  • Contributor to FEAR NO LIT’s Fail Better series
  • 2014 graduate of the University of Indianapolis, 2018 MFA recipient from Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Communications and technical writing professional
  • Freelance reporter for local news outlets, including The Free Press, Mankato Magazine, MN Valley Business, and Connect Business Magazine, former staff writer for Angie’s List Magazine
  • Tweeter, @JAFigy
  • Vegetarian since 2010 (previous failed attempts)
  • Minor traveler, across the U.S. and 4 foreign lands
  • Coffee aficionado
  • Hack photographer
  • Honeybee enthusiast
  • Former carpenter, construction worker
  • Past-life cartographer
  • Reader of prose and poetry

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3 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. That was fantastic! Very funny! Loved the sketch! For the record, I have lost 4 lbs! How? I never eat all the noodle; order a lot of gluten free; hit the gym; eat nothing else but my salad, soup and pasta. And I probably ate worse than pasta everyday before the “contest.” Keep up the good work and Ill keep reading!

  2. I am very aware that I live in a 1954, National Home. This is due to the Plate on the wall in my cellar stairway. Two additions and 67 years later, it is still a good home, with just a few quirks.

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