Foo Fighters visit Logansport? Well, ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’

Even with the myriad social outlets, it’s hard to get anything watched, heard, or (dare I say) read on the web these days. There’s just so much, well, stuff. Too much, maybe. And everyone is trying to find a way to get more eyes on their message, info, or advertisement.

In the digital world, we try to play the search engine algorithms and find the mot juste for our scientifically timed tweets. But there’s no telling what people will click on and why.

For instance, today I saw a brief news article about some little-known theatre in Logansport, Indiana. Since my soon-to-be in-laws are from Logasnport and I’ve spent some time there, I know that, generally speaking, if a news article has Logansport in it, the story isn’t a positive one. But this one was different.

The headline read: Logansport theatre owner makes video asking Foo Fighters to perform.

I read the single paragraph of text, then watched the five minute video. In the video Kevin Burkett, the new owner of the historic State Theatre, gives the Foo Fighters what he believes is the deal of a lifetime—an open invitation to perform at the theatre and $1,000 compensation. He adds:

I’m doing this because, as a new theatre owner, I believe it’s important for me to support young talent.

Rather than listen to me explain, just watch:

Sure it’s goofy, a little snarky, but Burkett got almost 1,000 people to spend almost six minutes of precious time learning about the theatre, built in 1941, he worked so hard to renovate. Even if online content is worthy of recognition, it’s hard to get it noticed. And considering Logansport has a population of 19,000, that’s a big accomplishment. He found a way to cut through the noise, if only a little way through.

And who knows? Maybe Dave Grohl will stop in. After all, the State Theatre later sweetened the deal:

Well, here’s hoping, Kevin.