Holy Cross stories, pt. 2: Society of Salvage+Rewired Antiques

When I wrote my profile of Holy Cross, I had to cut down to the essentials to capture the neighborhood as a whole.

So, while I want folks to read my article (Click here: Holy Cross Neighborhood in Downtown Indy Resurges with New Homes, Businesses) I’d also like to share these stories.

Sandra Jarvis and Jeremiah Goss. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List)

Society of Salvage + Rewired Antiques

1021 East Michigan Street

“There are really two companies here,” explains Sandra Jarvis, lest someone think every piece in the shared space on E. Michigan St. belongs solely to her company, Society of Salvage.

Sandra and Jeremiah Goss, who owns the second company Rewired Antiques, are an interesting pair.

Stoic Jeremiah refurbishes antique light fixture that he salvages from old houses. He said he’s been doing it since high school and loves it.

Sandra, on the other hand, worked in commercial real estate, but she would always get distracted by the stuff inside old factories, warehouses, and offices she toured. When she had a change to change directions, Sandra leapt into salvage.

“I found out that this is what I wanted to do,” she said. “I put my commercial real estate business on hiatus to do this.”

From old typewriters and calculators to medical supplies to sign letters, just about anything really you can find at the store. The glorious cacophony of industrial-age detritus contained in this single shop cannot be conveyed through words alone—you need to see it.

The East Michigan Street “showroom” is open Thursday-Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. And to Jeremiah, the neighborhood is the perfect home for the shop.

“It serves us really well and the location is great,” he says, adding that Holy Cross is “probably the most organized as far as communities I know. It just seems like you always see people out taking care of their neighborhood.”


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